Sector catalogue

In order to facilitate your daily work, procurements are grouped into the following sectors:


Accounting and auditing
Advertising, marketing and public relations
Agriculture, cultivation of grain
Architecture and design
Aviation, military equipment and transport, weapons, ammunition
Blinds and curtains
Cars and motorcycles (trade, repair, maintenance, spare parts, cleaning products)
Chemical products, industrial gases and fertilizers
Children's goods
Clothing, footwear, overalls, bags and accessories
Co-financing projects
Cobbles and paving services
Construction and repair materials
Construction and repairs
Construction work supervision and services of construction experts, technical advice and costing services
Courses, seminars, education and training services
Demolition works, construction site preparation
Educational products, tools and books
Electricity and lighting, lightning protection
Elevators, lifts, handling equipment, escalators, their management
Equipment and tools
Event organizing, merchandise
Fences, barriers, gates, garage doors, bullbars
Financial, banking and investment services
Fire safety and rescue equipment, employment protection
Floor, terraces, stairs
Food products, beverages and catering services
Forestry, wood processing and its products
Freight and passenger transportation, car rent
Fuel (fuel material)
Fuel and lubricants
Furniture, its raw materials and fittings
Geology and geological research
Health, sport and social services
Heat supply and heating installations
Household items and hygiene products
Household, catering, restaurant equipment and inventory
Human resources and staff
IT services, software, electronic databases, WEB
Improvement, cleaning equipment and tools
Industrial and agricultural machinery
Laboratories, precision and metrology products, devices and services
Legal services and copyrights
Library, archive and museum services
Livestock production, domestic animals, fisheries, veterinary, their food
Medical and pharmaceutical products and equipment
Metal production and treatment
Musical instruments and stage equipment
Natural gas, its equipment and facilities
Office machinery (office equipment and technical equipment)
Parks, gardens, playgrounds and sports fields
Photo, audio, video products and services
Postal and courier services
Presentation advertising and stamps
Printed matter and their raw materials
Products and services of artists and craftsmen
Property management and household services
Railway, tram, funicular transport and systems
Raw materials and structures
Rent and sale of real estate
Road and bridge construction, maintenance
Road signs, equipment, traffic lights and parking control equipment
Security services, video surveillance and access control systems
Soft furnishings, textiles, fabrics
Sports and tourism goods, equipment, tents and marquees
Stationery and paper
Studies, consulting, expertise (with the exception of technical expertise), certification
Telecommunications services and equipment (Internet, TV, GPS)
Topography and land surveying
Tourism, hotel services
Trade, warehousing, banking machines and equipment, safes
Trailers, semi-trailers, containers, residential containers
Translations and language
Ventilation and air conditioning systems
Waste, environment and sanitation services
Water project construction works and drainage works
Water supply, sewerage, plumbing
Water transport
Windows, doors and fittings


If the list lacks sector you are interested in, contact us!

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