SIA "Imperum" is the official supplier of electronic key - USB Mini Token (JaCarta JC100) - of Kazakhstan e-procurement platform АО "Самрук Казына" to European customers.


To get USB Mini Token, send a request to info@iepirkumi.lv indicating:


  • Company's name;
  • Company's registered office;
  • Company's actual address;
  • Registration number, VAT registration number;
  • Bank details (bank name, code, account number);
  • Responsible person's name.


USB Mini Token (JaCarta JC100) price without delivery - 129,87 EUR

Delivery provided by DHL Express.


The conditions for obtaining the electronic signature - ТОО "НИЛ "Гамма Технологии".


Contact us:

Phone: +371 6755 2602

Mob. phone: +371 2001 3399

E-mail: info@iepirkumi.lv

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